10 Chic And Sturdy Prescription Glasses With Frames

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Taking care of your vision doesn’t have to cramp your style. These 10 chic and resilient glasses frames can all confirm that easily to you.


These glasses for men were produced using cellulose acetate that was polished by hand. They possess a notable Graduated Rivet style as well.


Percey glasses are noteworthy thanks to their round and contemporary shape. They feature a memorable keyhole bridge and are ideal for studious men.


Welty eyeglasses are refined and elegant thanks to all sorts of delicate components. They’re equipped with a browline that curves, a slender acetate build, and a keyhole bridge.


These enduring glasses for women delight the eyes with a tortoiseshell concept. They have a nostalgic shape that’s reminiscent of the past, too. Highlights include a fashionable keyhole bridge.


Wright glasses are memorable cognac tortoiseshell marvels that are optimal for men who are perpetually moving from point A to point B. The lenses are simultaneously round and suave in vibe. These glasses have a keyhole bridge that’s rather inconspicuous in appearance as well. They’re crafted using acetate cellulose and have screws that are topped in Akulon.


These enticing matte glasses can be fantastic for men who wish to appear serious and chic at the same time. They have a brow that’s totally flat. That’s the reason they’re suitable fits for individuals who are particularly keen on contemporary looks. These cellulose acetate favorites bring to mind much earlier decades.


James glasses are gems that consist of stainless steel. They have frames that are rectangular. They have browlines that are close to fully flat, too. They obstruct the rays of the sun effectively.


These tortoiseshell eyeglasses enchant with gold that’s polished and refined. They have a keyhole bridge that’s prominent. They also have lenses that are round.


Fans of bright crimson tones won’t be able to resist the charms of Nadia. These glasses for women are simultaneously whimsical and chic. They’re cat-eyed wonders that have angles that are smooth. They have an eye-catching Graduated Rivet layout, too. They have screws with Akulon on them for extra resilience.


These truffle tortoise eyeglasses feature gold that’s polished. They have temples that are made out of metal as well. These temples are redolent of stunning Art Deco concepts. The glasses are a combination of stainless steel and cellulose acetate.