10 Sunglasses For An Instant Eyewear Upgrade

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Are you looking for new sunglasses? Choose among these cool shades for men.

1.Dance Electric

The bold colorway may not be for everybody. But for those who crave attention, then these are the perfect glasses for you. It’s deliberately designed to be loud just like disco music. It has excellent features too, including a super tough frame and polarized mirrored lens.

2.Sahara Dust

This modern take on the classic tortoiseshell sunglasses will definitely turn heads. It’s aptly named Sahara Dust because it has a bit of wild nature. The animalistic appeal of these glasses is perfect for men on the prowl.

3.Saturn Cloud

This pair may look like a prop from some sci-fi movie. But it’s actually a functional pair of sunglasses that is perfect for any active man. It offers full-face protection and the polarized lenses will help you to see things clearly outdoors.

4.Surfliner Polarized

The blue color of this pair will remind you of the ocean. It does have a chill vibe making it perfect for a lazy day at the beach. These are sunglasses that are designed for chilling. Don’t go on a holiday without it.

5.Cloud Racer

Most wraparound sunglasses are boring. People who design them just don’t care about your looks. But this one is a different breed. It has a celestial vibe that looks out of this world.

6.Mister Romance

Why is this called Mister Romance? Because it’s one sexy pair that’s why. The all-black look is perfect for the man who means business. It’s a style that is bound to be a modern classic.

7.Swagger Cat

Here’s a warning. Don’t wear these sunglasses if you can’t back it up with attitude…lots of it. It’s designed for guys who like to show off. Clearly, it’s not for the introverted type. If you’re not afraid to express yourself, then these glasses are for you.

8.Marble Moon

This pair of sunglasses will remind you of the best jazz tune you’ve ever heard. It’s smooth and cool. It’s perfect for those days when you just want to hang out with your buddies.

9.Crystal Wave

If you’re someone who can appreciate the interplay of different colors, then this pair will be your favorite. The lens has a beautiful champagne color that is complemented by the peach accents.

10.Weekend Flyer

Planning a quick getaway for the weekend. Don’t forget to bring this with you. This is perfect for any adventure, whether it’s a day at the beach or a city tour with friends.