8 Shapewear That Will Make You Look And Feel Good

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Are you looking for the perfect shapewear? These sculptural options from Honeylove may just be what you’re looking for.

1.SuperPower Short

This is Honeylove’s most popular product and it checks all the boxes of what makes good shapewear. It stays up, it provides excellent support, and it’s bathroom-friendly as well. It’s also flexible enough to be worn during workouts.

2.SuperPower Brief

This offers all the benefits of a SuperPower Short in a shorter form. This sculptural is perfect for the summer months. It provides targeted compression and shapes only areas that need shaping. It supports your posture too.

3.Queen Brief

This is called Queen Brief because it will make you feel and look like royalty. This brief is designed to empower with its strong compression feature and flexible design. It’s so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

4.SuperPower Thong

This underwear will completely disappear under your pants or dress because it doesn’t have any panty lines. This makes this sculptural a must for those who like to dress up. It’s super comfortable too.

5.SculptWave Capri

This is the shapewear to get if you’re looking for full-body sculpting. But the best thing about this is that it will completely disappear under your clothes. This is designed to be the new go-to compression underwear of busy women.

6.LiftWear Tank

This tank top provides support and lifts without the use of wires. So it’s just as comfortable as a regular tank top. It also has dig-free straps so wearing this all-day-long won’t cause you any problem.

7.LiftWear Cami

You will love the adjustable straps on this cami. They make it easy for you to adjust the length and layer under your clothes. It’s wire-free too, which makes it super comfortable.

8.Silhouette Bra

The bonded bust support keeps you lifted without the use of wires. This is one of the most comfortable lifting bras you’ll ever wear.