12 Bluelight Glasses That Are Perfect For Hard workers

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If you’re working in front of the computer all day long (or reading on your phone) then you’re exposed to potentially harmful blue light. You can protect yourself by wearing blue light glasses. These glasses can filter blue light, protecting your eyes in the process. You can add a blue light filter to any frame from Warby Parker for an additional $50.

Warby Parker is a brand that is known for its hip designs. But these are more than just fashion glasses. They are made from premium materials, making them some of the most durable glasses on the market today. Check out the following eyeglasses from Warby Parker.


If you can’t decide between a round or a rectangular glass then you can choose something in between like the Durand. Because of its unique design, this pair will surely gain you a good first impression. The wraparound hinges in polished metal is also a good touch.


If you prefer a frame with a true round lens then the Stiles is the one for you. One of the distinct features of this frame is the angular keyhole bridge. You’ll also love the scalloped detailing.


Wilkie features a classic rectangular design. This design is popular because it looks good on all facial shapes. If you’re looking for something “safe” then this is the frame for you.


This is another version of the classic angular frame. This is ideal for those whose faces are on the broader side. This slightly oversized frame will remind you of the glasses your teachers used to wear.


If subtlety is what you’re after then an understated frame such as Simon is perfect for you. The frame is made from stainless steel and custom cellulose acetate.


This sleek frame is perfect for those with faces that have a narrow to medium width. It has a flattering silhouette thanks to its narrow frame. The frame is made from hand-polished cellulose acetate.


A unique frame that’s inspired by several design eras. The shape is reminiscent of mid-century frames while the metal temples and sleek tips are inspired by Art-Deco. This is perfect for those with a broad face.


This is another type of frame that is inspired by many design eras. The silhouette is undoubtedly from the mid-century while the metal temples from Art-Deco.


Nobody says “I mean business” than a classic-looking pair of eyeglasses. The bold square frame and the strong bridge convey strength and power. This is definitely for people who want to be taken seriously.


So you just want simple, no-fuss eyeglasses that you can wear every day? Then Caleb is the perfect frame for you. This is made from stainless steel and hand-polished acetate.


The unique geometric design of these eyeglasses will surely catch the attention of people around you. It’s definitely not for those who like to go unnoticed.


The cat-eye frame is probably the most attractive frame that a woman can wear. If you’re not yet ready for a full-on cat-eye, then wear this instead.