8 Sunglasses In Various Cool Shapes

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To protect your eyes from sun glare, you should protect your eyes using sunglasses. Various models are offered to adjust the shape of the face, from the square, round or other shapes to choose from. Here are some recommendations.

1. Salty Beach

Square-shaped unisex sunglasses with champagne tinted lenses are great for beachwear. A solid, sexy matte frame with a gray gradient at the edge of the algae near the ear. The lens is polarized and has a gram-repellent coating.

2. Tiger Mark

Cool glasses with a tiger skin pattern with an attractive appeal. The frame is made from the skeleton of a very exotic brown turtle with a leopard pattern. Suitable for both men and women, the lens color is polarized amber which makes the wearer trendy.

3. Midnight Zone

This form of glasses is always cool to wear, both women and men. With a matte navy-colored frame graded to a light blue fade as well as the polarized lenses, it will provide 100% protection against UV rays.

4. Pacific Grace

Beautiful rose gold polarized lenses, perfect for women with class. Your eyes will be protected from 100% UV rays but still trendy all day long. Beautiful frame in crystal blue-gray gloss.

5. Sundance Tawny

A unique eyeglass frame with broken matte crystal color will make people look twice because of its uniqueness. Can be worn by men and women who will provide 100% UV.

6. Diamond Mint

The unique hexagram shape, especially with the comfortable green lens, will make your eyesight cool, protected from stinging UV rays. Equipped with a stainless steel silver frame, it can be used by both men and women

7. Saturn Cloud

Not only your eyes, but your face will also be protected from the sun by wearing these Saturn Cloud glasses. With a Matte Rubberized Half Transparent Clear frame and Polarized Orange Mirrored lenses, it’s really stylish.

8. Torrealba

Cool design with a unique design, created with world champion skimboarder and video artist, Amber Torrealba. A-frame with green, purple, and black palm tree print and a smoked black polarized lens will provide total UV protection in style.