10 Products For Women Looking For The Perfect Shapewear And Bodysuit

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Wearing a bodysuit or shapewear is the quickest way to shape your body. Here are 10 products from SPANX that you need to try.

1. Power Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

The advantage of SPANX over other brands of bodysuits is that it can shape the body without squeezing. This is probably the most comfortable bodysuit available on the market today. It’s also unbelievably lightweight so it’s not a burden to wear it all day long.

2. Thinstincts® Panty Bodysuit

If you’re looking for the ultimate base layer you can wear under most types of clothing then this is it. Everything you’re looking for in a bodysuit is here: breathability, moisture-wicking capability, absorbent materials.

3. Suit Your Fancy Strapless Cupped Panty Bodysuit

The Suit Your Fancy Strapless Cupped Panty Bodysuit is the ultimate strapless solution for when you’re getting glam! Plus, the panty construction is the perfect solution for shorter hemlines and high-slits. Removable, adjustable, and convertible straps offer versatility, while the sleek shaping fabric works its magic “backstage” to ensure your style gets all the applause.

4. Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Thong Bodysuit

If you’re planning to wear a backless or a dress with a plunging neckline, then this is the bodysuit to wear. It’s also a thing so you don’t have to worry about visible panty lines. It’s also perfect for dresses with short hemlines and high slits.

5. OnCore Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

This is the bodysuit to get if you want to totally transform your body. It has a fully-bonded front panel to give you an instant flat tummy. Yet you’ll hardly feel any squeeze with this bodysuit thanks to the edge-bonded side panels.

6. Spotlight on Lace Panty Bodysuit

Lace on a bodysuit? Yes, it’s possible. This is probably the most gorgeous bodysuit you’ll ever wear.

7. Haute Contour® Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

Bodysuits can be sexy and even chic. Perfect proof of that is this Haute Contour bodysuit. It will not only make you look good it will make you feel good as well with its silky details that are oh so feminine and sexy.

8. Skinny Britches® Capri

It has a near-naked look that will make you feel and look like you’re wearing nothing. This is why it makes the perfect lower body base layer.

9. Higher Power Capri

SPANX founder Sara Blakely accidentally invented this when she cut her feet out of her pantyhose.

10. Booty Boost Active Leggings

The best shapewear to get if you want a boost in your behind.