8 Cool and Stylish Glasses with Frames

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Many are dependent on the eyeglasses they wear every day for work or study. At the same time, it is also an expression of personality. Here is a list of eight cool and stylish glasses with frames. Some options here also have blue light blocking to protect your precious eyes from digital strain. Blue blockers help filter out the blue light that can interfere with your sleep.

1. The Sophisticated Executive

This matte-colored frame gives a very mature and professional vibe. It is very light with blue light filtering assuring your eyes are safe.

2. Sleek and Trendy

This eyeglass is made of stainless steel and cellulose acetate. It is very durable plus its lenses can protect you from both UVA and UVB. 

3. Round Classic Windsor Frame

A fan of the classic looks? Then this eyeglass option is for you. It is also light-responsive and has a blue-blocking function.

4. Aviator with Clear Lenses

There is something timeless with the Aviator look and this piece showcases it well. Feel like a celebrity when wearing this pair.

5. Unique Driftwood Fade

Create a fashion statement with eyeglasses that has an attractive color tone. It has blue light filtering to lessen the tiredness of your eyes.

6. Bold Square Frames

Do you prefer eyeglasses that cover a huge area of your face? Then this design fits the cut and at the same time makes you look fabulous.

7. Simple and Chic

Are you the type that likes things at a bare minimum? Then this choice is suitable for you. This pair might look delicate but very durable.

8. Unconventional Marbled Frame

Tired of the usual looks? Then show some individuality with these pair of marbled frames. It is highly light-responsive and filters out harmful blue light.