Top 10 Cowboy Boots Every Man Should Have [2021]

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As a guy, you probably don’t think much of your feet while on the job. For most of us out there, we pretty much will wear whatever is lying around and can do the job well enough.

That’s got to change.

If you want to be able to have functional feet years down the line, you’ve got to start now. Here, we’ve found 10 great boots that not only do the job you need for them but won’t wear out your feet as well.

Check them out here.

1.Hybrid Big Boy Western Boot

A great pair of boots that are super easy to move in and out of, the HYBRID BIG BOY WESTERN BOOT is super sturdy with a back-zip entry. This way you not only can have comfort while wearing these boots but can easily hop out of them too.

2.Heritage Roughstock Western Boot

Made as tough as they come, the HERITAGE ROUGHSTOCK WESTERN BOOT combines the classic cowboy look with high-level durability that can’t be beaten.

3.Groundwork Waterproof Work Boot

If you want something that works great when trekking through tons of water and wet materials, the GROUNDWORK WATERPROOF WORK BOOT is what you need. This pair of boots will not only make sure your feet don’t end up super wet but that they don’t start smelling like whatever you’ve been walking through as well.

4. Qualifier Western Boot

If you want a shoe that is equal parts durable, comfortable, and supportive to your foot, the QUALIFIER WESTERN BOOT is the boot you need. Between its Energy Max rebound foam, to its Ariat Shock Shield extra support, you’ll be able to work all day without worrying about looking at a worn piece of meat when you take off your boots.

5.Groundbreaker MetGuard Steel Toe Work Boot

While many of these boots have varying degrees of comfortability tied to them, only the GROUNDBREAKER METGUARD STEEL TOE WORK BOOT emphasizes foot protection with its XRD Extreme Impact Protection material.

6.Groundwork Wide Square Toe

A wide square toe boot, the GROUNDWORK WIDE SQUARE TOE BOOT is not only super durable and great for different types of work, but they do so while keeping your foot comfortable.

7.Sport Rafter Western Boot

It doesn’t matter if you are going for the more rugged or the more sharp-looking style, the SPORTS RAFTER WESTERN BOOT has got your back.

8.Breakfast 6" Work Boot

Made with multi-surface traction and ultra comfort, the TREADFAST 6″ WORK BOOT is great for any job you give it, from construction, factory work, or doing stuff at the farm or on the ranch.

9.Devon Nitro Paddock Boot

If you want something that’ll give you peak performance, DEVEN NITRO PADDOCK BOOT is the boot for you. Beautifully crafted from full-grain leather, these boots are top of the line in every area.

10.Granger Ultra Western Boot

Made with premium full-grain leather and an All-Day Cushioning insole, the GRANGER ULTRA WESTERN BOOT will make you feel like you are an old-school cowboy.