7 Cool And Comfortable Sweaters And Shirts For Men

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If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe for the new year, then you should consider updating your sweaters and shirts. The following collection for men is a good start.

1. Lightweight Crew

This is not your grandfather’s sweater. Although it’s just as comfortable. This is a lighter and modernized version of the classic crewneck sweater. It’s updated for the 21st century to give it a more stylish silhouette.

2. Cotton Cable Crew

If you want something warmer than the standard crewneck sweatshirt, then this cable crew sweatshirt will get the job done. Made from soft cotton, this sweater will be your go-to when the temperature starts to drop.

3. Daily Grind Half-Zip Fleece

If you’re looking for a sweatshirt that is perfect for work, then you should consider getting this half-zip fleece. Paired with a nice shirt, you’ll surely get a lot of attention on your morning commute.

4. Daily Grind Full-Zip Fleece

So if don’t dig the half-zip, then maybe the full-zip fits your style better. This tailored fleece will be a comfortable companion during cold mornings or when the AC in your office is stuck to freezing.

5. Lightweight Cotton Sweater Henley

If the weather is too warm for a sweater and too cool for a short-sleeved shirt, then the best option for you is to wear something like this Henley shirt. It’s the perfect shirt to wear as the season changes from cooler to warmer and vice versa.

6. Eco Cotton Sweater Polo

The classic polo shirt gets a much-needed upgrade with this vintage-inspired sweater polo. It’s made from the patented VILOFT® yarn that is very cool and comfortable to the touch. It goes very well with shorts and loafers.

7. The Cord Shirt

Many people have a love and hate relationship with corduroy. This corduroy shirt however will inspire nothing but good vibes.