12 Creative Bohemian Rugs to Add a Touch of Personality to Your Space

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1. Boteh Blue Rug

If you like a touch of modernity and lighten up your space, then the Boteh Blue Rug is your best option. The colors are a beautiful bright mix of teal and seal blue and dashes of green. The soft feathery edges match its floral details and, along with its high quality, make this one excellent choice for any space.

2. Ink Ikat Teal Rug

Gorgeous is how you describe this rug, which sticks to its Bohemian roots with its motif using the Ikat dyeing technique. It uses different hues of blue to highlight geometry patterns and creates a lively vibe. It is easy to clean and does not fade its vibrant colors.

3. Leelu Blue Overdye Rug

If you are one for intricate design, you can add a touch of sophistry with the Leelu Blue Overdye Rug. The geometric patterns are eye-catching and follow the tradition of Caucasian rugs, which are usually highly stylized. It is also an excellent way to add some old school vibe in your modern home with the grey and blue bicolor scheme.

4. Herdanza Black & White Rug

Here is a rug for any occasion and theme. It features sleek hand-drawn geometric patterns with the suggested tassels giving you a handwoven feel. The low grey and pearl colors make for a versatile and eye-catching rug.

5. Arizona Black Rug

The Arizona Black Rug is all about bold presence and manages to convey both timelessness and sophistication at the same time. The American Southwest heritage inspires the stripes and diamond pattern. The smoke black and bone white tones contrast and accent the tribal patterns giving the rug an air of energy.

6. Corellian Ikat Black Rug

If you are a Star Wars fan, then the Corellian Ikat Black Rug is the best gift you could get yourself. Its print features all the favorite starships from the franchise, including the iconic Millennium Falcon. The silver, white, and grey rendering mimics the Ikat weaving technique, which further adds to the space atmosphere.

7. Cosima Teal Rug

The Cosima teal rug is all about playfulness and a cool vibe. The hand-drawn filigree patterns and the polka dots provide the playful mix while the coolness comes from an ivory background, Dijon yellow and tinted teal and turquoise.

8. Yuma Polychrome Rug

Nothing brings the Southwestern 70s vibrancy and colors like the Yuma Polychrome rug. It features zigzag patterns and stripes, complete with a terracotta palette for an earthy feel. The mix of colors and patterns add the needed flair to any space.

9. Henna Black Rug

The Henna black rug is as sophisticated as it is visually captivating. The high contrasting colors offer a mix of black background accentuated with fog and silver fresco-style patterns. The intricate line patterns further add to the classy finish.

10. Damali Blue Overdye Rug

If you are looking for something simple yet chic, then the Demali Blue Overdye rug is your best selection. Different hues of blue fields are enclosed within black lines, and the trio of diamonds completes a minimalistic design where traditional complements modern style.

11. Victoria Garnet Rug

For an ideal contemporary look, nothing beats the sophistication of the Victoria Garnet rug. It blends both soft and romantic hues from the floral motifs, and it is excellent best for any theme, whether traditional or modern styles.

12. Eisley Teal Rug

The Eisley Teal rug is a beautiful and unique rug thanks to the hand-drawn pattern using the ikat dyeing technique. It is an excellent choice for someone looking for a timeless bohemian look, and the teal and navy blue hues add a cheery air.