9 Beverages With A Bliss In Every Sip

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If you need to experience a blissful and relaxing time, try these handpicked beverages that bring exotic flavors to the comfort of your home. Our collection ranges from smoothies to tea and cocoa mix to roasted coffee bean cups.

1. Coconut Hot Cocoa Mix

This beverages collection includes 20 cocoa packets with a coconut flavor. You can stir it up in seconds by just adding hot water. You will get the flavor of tropics and holidays in this all-in-one delicious drink.

2. Ready To Blend Frozen Fruit Smoothies

You can pick your favorite fruit right from your freezer with these ready-to-blend frozen smoothie packs. You only need to add your milk, juice, water (or any liquid), blend, and sip. Come, join the smoothie revolution.

3. An Assortment Of 12 Different Teas

Sample a taste of India or gift a tea-loving friend with this gold-tin-filled beverages assortment from an award-winning tea brand. Sip this flavorful blend of soul-settling loose leaf chai tea slowly.

4. Bottles Of Mocktail Mix Beverages

You can enjoy these non-alcoholic beverages in fruit-filled flavors alone or mixed with your favorite spirit. There can never be a better way to celebrate those special occasions with a toast than these mocktail beverages.

5. Turmeric Matcha Plus Turmeric Cocoa – Elixir Beverages

Here are two hearty elixir blends from Vahdam Teas. This delicious turmeric duo includes twenty sachets of Turmeric Cocoa/Matcha Superfood Elixir put together.

6. Hydrogen Water Beverages

Hydrogen Water beverages feature water with molecular hydrogen, which provides a non-carbonated crisp taste. You can consume it to help provide hydration, and its molecular hydrogen helps protect against and neutralize free radicals

7. Frozen Or Hot Specialty Coffee Blends

These artisan beverages were once only available in specialty coffee houses, but you can now enjoy them in the comfort of your home. It is easy to indulge in these artisan blends.

8. Single Serving Matcha Packets

All you have to do is pour, mix, and sip. These delicious single-serve packets of matcha beverages dissolve into hot or cold water. They are so portable that you can keep some with you for a simple pick-me-up, anytime and anywhere beverages.

9. Dark Roast Single-serve Cups

You can enjoy the beginning of your day better with these dark-roasted coffee blended beverages. These single-serve cups from community coffee offer mild, light flavor every time.