Top 11 White & Cream Rugs That Can Brighten Your Home

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Do you want to give your home a sophisticated upgrade? Here are the top 11 white and cream rugs that can brighten your space.

1. Prisma Monochrome Rug

Prisma monochrome rug features a neutral cream background. It comes with Cling Effect Technology, so you can attach the pad without losing grip. Also, the overlapping hexagonal motif will match your home du00e9cor. Prisma monochrome rug is available in size 5u2019 x 7u2019.

2. Moroccan Zigzag Plush Rug

This rug has a white background and thin lines of grey. Itu2019s stain-resistant and can withstand all types of stains. Youu2019ll surely enjoy the bear-like texture and coziness of the Moroccan rug.

3. Hudson Stripe Black Rug

Hudson stripe comes with bold and fine lines of charcoal. Even if you have a dog in your home, it washes so nice. And you donu2019t have to worry about the white color u2013 itu2019s stain-resistant. This is what you need if you want to elevate your home from modern to minimalist.

4. Polar White Plush Rug

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home, you canu2019t go wrong with Polar White Plush Rug. It features an easy-to-style color and has velvety fibers. Also, it holds up exceptionally well to foot traffic. Plus, itu2019s stain-resistant, so you donu2019t have to worry about pets.

5. Leila Cru00e8me Vintage

This rug has blue and grey accents and can fit well in any traditional du00e9cor. Leila Cru00e8me Vintage rug is crafted to offer charm and warmth in every room. If youu2019ve ever envisioned living in the countryside, you canu2019t go wrong with this vintage rug.

6. Marble golden ivory rug

The marble golden ivory rug can be an elegant addition to any room. It features gold-like hues and will surely invigorate your home. Interestingly, the rug comes with a marble motif.

7. Micky Persian Abalone Rug

Do you want to elevate the space in your home? Well, Micky Persian rug has everything you need. It has a bordered floral motif and Micky Silhouettes in every corner. But what makes Micky a versatile accent piece is the combinations of taupe, sage green, cream, and grey.

8. Diamond Dalia Beige Ivory Rug

This rug comes with ash brown lines and has geometrical patterns complemented by pearl, ivory, and beige. Plus, the design ascent will complement mid-century aesthetics, bohemian and transitional style. Diamond Dalia indoor rug is machine-washable and measures 5 x 7u2019.

9. Sibel Cru00e8me Rug

If you want to embellish your home with a Persian rug, Sibel Cru00e8me Rug is the best fit. It comes with a softly pared-down color of dove grey, taupe, and pearl. This opulent ascent works well with any modern, electric, or contemporary du00e9cor.

10. Marrakesh Beige Ivory Rug

This is rug features a Moroccan-inspired design. It blends well with java, ash-brown colors, and golden beige. And because of its versatility, it blends well with transitional and modern home furnishings.

11. Nodum Light Grey Rug

This rug features an abstract ropelike motif that comes in light grey. Also, innovative technology allows the pad to be detached and attached. Itu2019s worth mentioning that the rug colors may vary greatly in terms of lighting. The cover is washable and stain-resistant.