7 Excellent Options If You Need A New Sweater, Coat, Or Jacket

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Oversized hoodies are comfy but if you want to upgrade your style, you’ll need a grown-up coat, sweater, or jacket to keep you warm during cold days and nights.

1. Limited-Edition Sweatshirt

What’s cooler than a regular sweatshirt? A sweatshirt with a dinosaur print of course! Apart from the playful design, you’ll also love the comfort that it provides. If you’re tired of your plain and boring old sweater, then getting this would be an excellent upgrade.

2. Knit Cardigan Blazer

Don’t you wish you can wear a cardigan to work or to a dressy event? Now you can have the comfort of a cardigan and the look of a blazer with this jacket. It’s available in a variety of colors to suit your needs and preferences.

3. Daily Grind Full-Zip Fleece

When the weather gets chilly, it’s nice to have a go-to coat to protect you from the elements. This is that jacket. The comfortable fleece material makes it good enough for daily use. And for colder days, just layer another jacket over it.

4. Washable Cotton Cashmere Hoodie

If ever you plan to replace that oversized hoodie that you’ve been using since college, this one is a worthy successor. Cashmere makes all the difference of course. It’s simply warm and luxurious to the touch. It’s a nice-looking hoodie too.

5. Striped Linen Sweater

If the weather is too cool for a t-shirt yet still warm to wear a thick jacket, this linen sweat would be a perfect choice. It’s a lightweight sweater that won’t hamper your movements and won’t weigh you down when you go for a walk.

6. Cotton Hemp Sweater

Hemp is breathable, comfortable, and durable. Enough said.

7. Polar Fleece Popover

This popover is cozy and warm enough for a chilly winter night. It’s great for winter activities too because it’s soft and comfortable.