10 Summer Shorts For Men That Are Both Comfy And Stylish

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Summer is here. Get ready to beat the heat with these cool and comfy shorts for men from Bonobos.

1.Stretch Washed Chino Shorts

Now men can get the excellent fit of Bonobos chinos in shorts form. But it doesn’t only fit well, it also looks good. This pair will be your new go-to shorts. It’s available in different colors.

2.The Rec Short

If you lead an active lifestyle then you need a pair of shorts that is tough and durable. The Rec Short is made with a durable nylon fabric that has a 4-way stretch. You can wear it to the gym or for outdoor sports.

3.Coast to Coaster Shorts

You’ll want to wear this pair of shorts if the weather is hot. It has a moisture-wicking feature that will keep you fresh and dry even if the temperature is sizzling. The 4-way stretch fabric makes it perfect for any activity.

4.Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks

Summer means spending time in the water. The Riviera shorts are perfect for any water activity. It’s made with recycled materials so wearing it will make you feel good about saving the planet.

5.Stretch Seasonal Shorts

If you’re looking for the perfect summer shorts then this is it. Its weight, style, and the color are just right for warm sunny days. It’s made with a fabric that is very durable too. Why not get two or three pairs so you’re all set this season?

6.Lightweight Golf Shorts

Are you planning to play some golf this summer? Then you’ll need a course-ready pair of shorts to help you with your game. These lightweight shorts are perfect for a day of golf. It also provides excellent sun protection.

7.Throwback Swim Trunks

Sometimes it can be fun to relive the fashion of days gone by. This pair of swim trunks will transport you back to the 70s and 80s.

8.Drawstring Club Shorts

If you value comfort, then you’re going to love these drawstring shorts. It features the comfort and convenience of lounge shorts with the style of chino shorts.

9.Anywhere Short E-Waist

This is one of the most versatile pairs of shorts that you can get. It’s perfect for any activity and offers the perfect marriage of comfort and style.

10.Highland Golf Shorts

This pair of shorts features an athletic fit so it provides excellent freedom of movement. It’s made with breathable fabric that will keep you cool on the golf course.