7 Shapewear Options For An Instant Hourglass Figure

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Maybe you can’t lose weight overnight but you can always turn to shapewear to instantly flatten the parts of your body that need to be flattened. Here are some great options.

1.SuperPower Short

This is the original shapewear from Honeylove and one of their most popular products. Unlike other shapewear, this is guaranteed to stay up. And it won’t just flatten your tummy. It will support your posture as well. This underwear is also designed to help you avoid having the “muffin effect.”

2.SuperPower Brief

This is a shorter version of the SuperPower Short so it’s perfect for summer. It provides compression-only in parts of the body that you want to be compressed. It’s flexible enough for active women making it perfect for working out.

3.Queen Brief

This aptly named shapewear will make you feel and look like a queen. The patented SoftFlex feature. And unlike other waist trainer briefs, this one looks very sexy. You’ll surely want to show this off, especially to that special someone.

4.SuperPower Thong

This is a dream come true for women who are looking for a thing that can help them shape their bodies. It’s made from a super comfortable material so you surely won’t mind wearing this all-day-long.

5.SculptWave Capri

This waist trainer is perfect for those who are looking for shapewear that provides full coverage. So it won’t just give you a flat tummy, it will also help to give your thighs a toned look as well. And because of innovative construction, this garment will be completely invisible under your clothes.

6.LiftWear Tank

A tank top that can shape your upper body – yes, it exists!. But even with its lifting capability, this tank top is still comfortable enough to wear every day.

7.LiftWear Cami

This shaping cami comes with adjustable straps so you can easily set its length and customize the support you need.