10 Leggings That Will Turn You To An 11 In Attractiveness

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If you’ve been a fan of leggings, you know that they have simply become better and better over the years. Now, these 10 Legging Pants will not only be incredibly comfortable but turn up your attractiveness to an 11 no matter where you go or what you’re doing.

If you can handle this, read below to find out more.

1.Booty Boost Active Cropped Leggings

Available in both black as well as lapis night, these flattering leggings help give you an instant butt lift as their signature sculpting fabric properly contours around the body for the most desirable shape. Great for giving everyone a tush to die for.

2.Velvet Leggings

Designed with SPANX’s signature Power Waistband, these velvet leggings are both incredibly sexy and even more comfortable. Made with velvet fabric, these are pretty much a requirement for every woman to have at least one pair in their closet as they go with just about any occasion.

3. Faux Leather Snakeskin Leggings

For those that want to look super sexy but don’t want to harm any animals in the process, these faux leather snakeskin leggings are the perfect option for you. Using that hypnotizing charm of snakeskin (without the snake) these sexy leggings will draw every eye in the room over to you, making you the center of attention no matter the setting.

4.Faux Leather Camo Leggings

What happens when you combine camo and faux leather? You get some of the most stylish leggings imaginable! Using their contoured Power Waistband to hold everything in place, these leggings not only make you look stylish but give you a sexy vibe as well. Once you put them on, you’re probably never going to want to take them off again… just saying.

5.Faux Leather Leopard Leggings

Meant for those with more than a bit of a wild side, these faux leather leopard leggings help tone up your waist and hips so that you’re the Queen of the jungle. Meow kitty!

6.Spanx Every.wear Active Gloss Pocket Leggings

Offering sleek support and 4-way stretch, these breathable leggings are incredibly durable and feel amazing to wear. Not only that, but they are anti-odor as well, meaning no matter how hard you go at it during yoga or in the gym, you’ll always be getting compliments on just how awesome you look.

7.Faux Leather Track Stripe 7/8 Leggings

Available in both black/metallic as well as navy/cool blue, these faux leather leggings are perfect for any casual setting as well as any fitness session. Whether you are hitting the gym, going out for a bite to eat, doing a yoga session, or chilling with some friends, these are the perfect leggings for you.

8.Faux Patent Leather Leggings

One of SPANX’s best-selling products, these super sexy and super stylish leggings go beyond just faux leather. In fact, they go to the next level. Giving them a sleek, smoothing fabric that high shines, will have everyone around you talking about how amazing you look.

9.Jean-ish Ankle Leggings

Available in a bunch of different colors (houndstooth, stone wash camo, Brandywine, dark olive, rich cocoa, and taupe snakeskin) these super comfy leggings are soft-knit with a fabric that is ultra-comfortable to touch and contours to the body for a perfect look.

10.Spanx Every.wear Reflective 7/8 Leggings

If you’re someone looking to start exercising, these are pretty much the leggings for you. Made with a reflective detail that keeps you safe from potential cars when outside, these leggings will make you look amazing in every workout session, be it the very first or the very last.